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Jamie Gatewood is an Aesthetic Nurse Injector located in Phoenix, Arizona. Her expertise is in facial balancing. Customizing your Botox, Dysport, Dermal Filler and PRF treatments. 

Rise Aesthetics provides tailored medspa solutions for men and women wishing to refresh and rejuvenate their appearance in Phoenix Arizona.

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I recently went to Jamie for full face fillers. I chose her because of her comprehensive website and the fact that she is all about balance and symmetry while not producing any crazy results. I was certainly not disappointed! Jamie‘s office is beautiful and she is very professional. she took a lot of time to explain the procedures, what was going on, and why she was doing what she was doing. She even followed up with me on a Sunday to make sure I was doing OK. I will definitely be back for other procedures as well she is wonderful!

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Jamie is by far the most professional and helpful injector I have ever encountered. Not only is she fun and easy going but she is also smart and so very good at what she does. Her training and medical knowledge shows while she is injecting and also with the amazing results that I have received from her over the past 4 years! I will never trust another person to do what she does because she is THAT talented! Thank you for your amazing work and always a fun time while doing it!
My wife finally convinced me to go see Jamie at Rise. I had an excellent experience and now I’m hooked. Jamie was very professional and made me feel comfortable by running through the plan up front. More affordable and less painful than I expected. Definitely recommend.
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Rise Aesthetics is fantastic! Jamie, the founder has been my beauty provider for 4 years, and she is truly talented. Facial balancing, botox/dysport, cheek filler, and lip filler are a few of the services that I have recieved here. She really knows how to accent a person’s best features without over-doing it; and worth a mention, her personality is an absolute plus!
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Jamie is seriously the best!!! I will never let anyone else touch my face. She is so educated, sweet, and professional. I love that she is always continuing her education to stay at the top and know all the latest and greatest. She always takes her time and explains what and why she is doing something. I would recommend her over and over again!

I’ve been in school for half of the time that we’ve been together. Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, then wound care school, then Master of Science in Nursing degree. It’s been hard for both of us. To the man who is still here, I owe you a ton of laughs to make up for all the tears I cried. You’ll make that easy. Thank you for sticking by me.
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TEAR TROUGHS. It took me 2 years as an injector to feel competent in advancing to this delicate area. Only after training with oculoplastic surgeons did I start treating patient’s under-eye area.

Why was I so cautious? Because filler to this area can make it look worse with chronic swelling IF we treat
+ a patient who is not the proper candidate
+ using the wrong type of filler
+ the wrong tissue layer

To make sure this treatment is right for you:
+ Your injector should closely assess your under-eye area with their eyes and hands
+ Your injector should ask you a lot of questions beforehand
+ Your injector should treat the area slowly with a conservative amount of product

Results can be impactful when tear trough filler is properly done! Note how this patient’s under-eyes appear brighter, giving her a rested appearance.
This is my actual patient posted with patient’s consent. Please do not use or distribute images herein without written permission. Individual results may vary.

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Aesthetic Nurse review on Ai-generated art

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Graduating from Berkeley and getting an accelerated bachelor’s degree in nursing made me think grad school wouldn’t be that hard, but my ego got checked quick! It’s been 27 straight months of grinding through 7 semesters to become a Nurse Practitioner. Many of my classmates had to get prescribed anxiety and depression medication to cope with the stress. Others completely stopped working to only focus on school. There were about 2-3 times when I seriously thought about quitting, but I pushed through because of my small business and strong support system. For anyone struggling through adversity, never give up because you are stronger than you realize!

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Her caption was “When you have the same injector” 😭 The support that patients have shown me and my small business is something I am incredibly grateful for! Thank you to all of you who have sat in my chair and entrusted me with your faces, while laughing and sharing your stories with me. I appreciate you. Happy Thanksgiving! Photo by @polo.gibson ...

This will forever be one of my favorite mid-face transformations!

With her before photo you can easily see how volume loss has caused flattening of her lateral (outer) cheek and sagging of her nasolabial fat.

Filler was used to restore volume to her mid-face and to soften her nasolabial folds (smile lines).

These natural results were achieved through the following combo:
+ understanding facial aging
+ knowledge of anatomy
+ artistic placement of filler
+ strategic techniques
+++ patient’s trust in provider’s recommendations

Note how her face appears lifted! Can you guess how many syringes were used?
This is my actual patient posted with patient’s consent. Please do not use or distribute images herein without written permission. Individual results may vary.

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What is the difference between a MED SPA and a regular SPA?

Unlike day spas, medical spas or med spas focus on procedures that help improve your appearance, repair your skin and metabolic improvements. Med Spa’s such as Rise Aesthetics offer positive long-term results.

Other differences include licensed Aesthetic Injectors such as Jamie Gatewood as opposed to estheticians, massage therapists and cosmetologists in day spas. Med spas always have a registered nurse or nurse practitioners that carefully carry out your treatments.


Botox and Dysport are brand names for botulinum toxin type A, a neuromodulator that is FDA approved to temporarily soften facial wrinkles. Botox and Dysport work by blocking messages between muscles and the nerves that control them. The areas that are most commonly treated are in the upper area of the face: the lines in between the eyebrows, the horizontal lines across the forehead, and the lines around the outer corners of the eyes.
Dermal fillers are composed of clear hyaluronic acid (HA) gels. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the body that hydrates the skin, acts as a cushioning agent, and provides support to soften wrinkles and lift folds. The FDA has approved the use of HA fillers to temporarily improve winkles and folds, as well as temporarily increase or restore volume in areas such as the lips, chin, and cheeks.
To better understand which areas are commonly treated with Botox/Dysport vs. filler, please see the diagram below!


Is there Downtime?

You may have little, slightly red bumps at the sites where Botox or Dysport was injected, but these bumps usually resolve within the first hour.

Will I see the results right away?

Botox and Dysport start to take effect 3-7 days after treatment, but it typically takes 14 days to see results. This is why it is highly recommended that you get treated at least 2 weeks before a special event. Please plan ahead of time!

How long does Botox Last?

Botox or Dysport typically last 3-4 months. Each person metabolizes or breaks down the medication differently so duration does vary.


No, this is false information. Wrinkles will not be worse if you stop getting Botox or Dysport. Your facial muscles will return to having full movement.